Paradiya – Paradiya in Paradise


Paradiya in Paradise

Kees van Boxtel – Bansuri

Albert Distelbrink – Kora

Songs on c.d.

  1. Kirwani Conkoba
  2. Diaraby
  3. Kuku
  4. Mirango
  5. Mali Sadio
  6. In Paradise
  7. Deeply in love with life
  8. Massane Cissé
  9. Yekeke

Digital also available on Spotify




You can hear compositions based on Indian raga’s songs from african (griot) traditions, as well as own compositions. Different tunings, different rhythms, from meditative mood to more uptempo, The combination of the bansuri and the kora is of a stunning and sensational beauty and you may wonder why this hasn’t been done before. The two instruments are well matched, it all feels natural, but this musical meeting is in fact quiet rare. Enjoy the bansuri and the kora breaking new ground!

Live recorded on the 27th of April in 2014 in Haarlem the Netherlands

as part of “Helende Geluiden”(Healing Sounds)

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